Sunday, August 30, 2015

Types of Cyber Crimes in Business

Cybercrime exists in many forms. The types of Internet cybercrime include cyber harassment and banking fraud. Google and other companies have found themselves affected by different types of cybercrime.

There are many different types of cybercrime. Most types of cybercrime can take place anywhere and at anytime. Cybercrime and security is a major concern for all businesses which have an Internet presence. Computer security and small business protection is addressed by network security measures implemented in house or administered by a computer security firm external to the business.

 The various types of cybercrime earn more in illegal activities than drug trafficking. Through the various types of cybercrime, people’s identities are frequently stolen. At least one person every 4 minutes has their identity stolen by criminals involved in different types of cybercrime.

The types of cybercrime include events such as identity theft, which may be facilitated by rootkits or Trojan horses. Using this malware, cyber spies are able to both send and receive information from infected computers. In some cases, documents are removed without the targets even being aware of it. Network threats are sometimes not detected if computer users don’t know how to look for digital evidence of hacking or other forms of cybercrime.

 Through the various types of cybercrime, the Internet has become a breeding ground for nefarious activity. Unsuspecting users can have their computers infected and used in cybercrime within minutes of connecting to the Internet.

Microsoft, recently altered Internet Explorer, so that cyber spies could no longer use a weakness in it to probe the computer systems of -Google (and other companies).

The types of cybercrime also include child harassment, extortion and stock market manipulation.
 Cyber spies are investigated by organisations such as MI5 (British Intelligence) and the Information Warfare Monitor(IWM), a group that tracks the use of cyberspace as a strategic domain.
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